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Christian Music Capital is a way for everyone who loves Christian Music to come together in San Antonio.

We need everyone's help to make San Antonio the Christian Music CapitalĀ®

*Upon joining, you will get a digital badge that can be displayed on anything you put out whether digital or physical, letting everyone know it was proudly made in San Antonio for Jesus.

It important to know what CMC is NOT:
We are NOT a record label.
We are NOT signing artists or musicians.
We are NOT a non-profit organization.
We do NOT focus on one genre of music.
We do NOT side with a particular denomination.
> Join The Cause

What is Christian Music Capital all about?

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the US and it's culture is second to none. It is a great place to live, work, and have fun. There are so many talented Musicians and Artists in San Antonio that love the Lord. However, they do not get any attention from the mainstream media because San Antonio has not been known for anything since 1836. That all changes today! Our mission is to make San Antonio the Christian Music Capital of the World! Let's build something we can all be proud of an let the rest of the world know that San Antonio is the Christian Music CapitalĀ®

Who are we looking for?

Everyone that is a Christian in San Antonio & surrounding areas. If you are a professional musician, artist, media personnel, artist manager, tour manager, booking agent, music publicist, composer, arranger, or even just a fan of music with no music abilities! You can help make Christian Music Capital a reality by signing up as a musician or Fan and simply promoting this site by recommending the fine folks we feature on it.

Does it cost anything to join Christian Music Capital?

No, there is no charge for signing up! When you sign up, you will be asked how you would like to join. You can join as a Musician or a Fan. Musicians include Songwriters, Producers, DJ's, Instrumentalists, Composers, Conductors, Performers, Sound Engineers, etc. If you are joining as a Fan, you are simply pledging to listen and promote the music you hear on Christian Music Capital to your friends, family, and neighbors.  

What denominations are accepted?

CMC does not exist to represent a particular denomination. All denominations are welcome! The only requirement we have is that you must profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the World. Nothing more is required. Our hope before you join is that you know that Jesus died for your sins. If you are not sure, read more here.

Do you allow secular music on Christian Music Capital?

Yes, but with a few caveats. If you are a Christian sold out for Jesus and make secular music, you can still be featured on CMC. However, we are not interested in music that you couldn't play for children 7 and under! The music and the person behind it must glorify God whether the name of Jesus is showcased or not.

What's the catch, are you making money from this?

No catch, but every business needs money to survive. We are a for profit organization, yet we will only make enough money to cover our costs. While we considered becoming a non-profit, the strategy of CMC is not something that needs to be discussed  by a board of directors. Christians of San Antonio making our home a music destination is the mission here and we will only accomplish that goal if everyone gets involved. We plan on supporting this website and it's marketing efforts by allowing Christian businesses in San Antonio to advertise on this website as well as feature select Musicians and  Artists on a compilation album each year.
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